About the company

«Art-Master ry» is a permanent non-profit organization, officially registered in January 2014.  The company’s main goal is to help its members with self-expression through cultural and educational projects; to develop culture and the arts; and to assist immigrants of all ages in the process of adaptation to the Finnish society.

«Art-Master ry» creates and presents drama, musicals, puppet plays, and concert programs. We also organize road tours, exhibitions, festivals, cultural events, holiday camps, trainings, seminars and workshops on topics related to the company’s activity.

«Art-Master ry» is a community of active enthusiastic people who strive for their own improvement. Apart from the actors, these are our artists, decorators, musicians, volunteers and, of course, the audience. In short, all those who have a passion for theatre, who believe in its healing and mobilizing force. «Art-Master ry» unites members of all ages, from teenagers to seniors. In our community everybody finds how to apply their efforts and energy.


«Art-Master ry» is a non-profit organization where all the work is carried out on a voluntary basis with financial support from various funds and philanthropic donations. The company sells tickets to its events and collects membership fees, the amount of which is determined at annual meetings.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to all who provide financial assistance to our organization.
If you would like to provide financial support to «Art-Master ry», please contact us.