First of all, it is about creative, imaginative, passionate people. These are people of different ages and various professions. But they are united by their common love for theatre and a common goal to share what is most important with the audience.

Intense pace of the contemporary life and substituted communication on the Internet rarely give us a chance to pause, to think about what’s important, essential and truly vital: Love, Truth, Humanity, Life and Death, Friendship, Memory. Our theatre invites the audience to have a dialogue. We don’t have ready-made answers to “eternal” questions, but we encourage you to take part in seeking these answers. We encourage you to pause and experience something that stands apart from the humdrum life, from the media avalanche and the day-to-day routine.

Theatre is also about festivity. It is about sparkling comedies, insane impersonations and crazy stunts. It’s about being “silly” and “off-the-wall”. Let’s laugh and cry together, let’s ponder over the characters’ fate as well as our own fates. And perhaps the monotony of everyday life will get broken and we all will see the beam of Hope.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Theatre!